FREE DELIVERY – within a 50 mile radius

We deliver our portable storage buildings on a custom made flatbed trailer. The sheds are loaded and unloaded using the power of a winch. Your shed will not be harmed in any way during delivery – we designed our flooring system and our trailers for efficient deliveries.

Don’t worry – if we can’t deliver your shed (for whatever reason) – we can always build on-site!

Video coming soon…

If you plan to have a building delivered please take a minute to review our Delivery Checklist:

  • Do you have a fence? How wide is the gate?
    The gate will need to be 2-3′ wider than the building itself. We have to be able to get the building, trailer, and a truck through the gate. If there is not enough room a few feet of fence may have to be temporarily removed.
  • Do you have any overhead power/telephone lines?
    Remember, when your shed is delivered it is sitting on a trailer so it is at least 2-3′ higher than normal – there has to be clearance to get it under.
  • Is your yard level?
    When we deliver our sheds we set the runners underneath the shed on cement blocks and then level the building up from there – if your yard has a steep decline/incline this will mean one side of your shed will be close to the ground and the other side will be up off the ground. Bare this in mind when you choose your location to put the shed.