The storage shed flooring system is one of the most critical pieces of your storage shed. You want to have a floor that is designed for strength, and durable enough to last for decades to come.

That’s why Holcomb Portable Buildings only use ¾” tongue and groove plywood for our foundations. Tongue and groove is designed so that each sheet of plywood is literally joined into the sheet(s) of plywood next to it. This gives the floor added strength, stability, and increased resistance to weight.

Curious if our foundations are built to last?

Some shed companies opt to go for a cheaper flooring system including the use of OSB (commonly referred to as wafer board) for the floor. The problem with OSB is that it is not designed for that purpose. When OSB comes in contact with water, or even prolonged exposure to moisture (which can come from underneath the shed), the OSB will swell and soften. This obviously leads to rot and a greatly decreased resistance to weight.

So, be sure to request no less than ¾” tongue and groove plywood for the foundation of your shed. You won’t regret it.

If you live in the MS Delta, North MS, or most parts of Central MS we can deliver your new portable storage building direct to you. Look around the site, come visit with us, or contact us for more information.